20′ Conteneur d’expédition à toit souple à toit ouvert

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Conçu et construit pour la mobilité et le chargement facile par le haut, le conteneur d’expédition à toit souple ouvert de 20′ est la taille la plus courante et la plus disponible de l’industrie.

Personnalisez le conteneur d’expédition pour répondre à vos exigences grâce à nos options de fabrication sur mesure. La livraison rapide et professionnelle du conteneur d’expédition à toit souple de 20 pieds est disponible.


Designed and built for mobility and easy top loading, the 20′ open top soft roof shipping container is the most common and available industry size.

Tailor the shipping container to meet your requirements with our custom fabrication options. Quick, professional delivery of the 20′ open top soft roof shipping container is available.

20ft open top soft roof shipping container standard features:

  • Removable soft top
  • Corrugated steel sides
  • Two-way forklift pockets
  • 1 ⅛ thick marine plywood floors
  • Corner castings all corners (8 total)
  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Ground level entry
  • Secure closing cargo doors
Frequently Asked Questions
• What is the Difference between a Storage Container, Shipping Container, Conex Box?
When you start looking for metal containers for storage or other applications, you find plenty of names that seem to be interchangeable. Do they all mean the same thing? Yes and no. Yes, these names refer to metal boxes that store a heap of stuff. And no, all metal storage containers are not the same. There are plenty of names for all-purpose storage metal containers like freight containers, cargo containers, ISO containers, sea containers, and sea cans. But the main terms are Shipping Containers, Storage Containers, Conex box.
• How Long Can I Rent a Storage Container?
Rental periods are flexible. We are happy to work out a deal that meets your needs.
• What does the shipping cost include?
A flat-onetime fee for delivering and picking up the container. After its paid, you only pay our competitive monthly rates. For more information, contact us.
• How is the storage container delivered?
We deliver in a medium duty tow truck and load the container on the flat-bed trailer. The driver will back in to the area, raise his trailer up approximately 15 feet in the air, then the container will slide off the back of the trailer onto the ground as the driver straight pulls out.
• Can we store the container at Storage container.com site? (San Diego Only)
Yes, you can store onsite. You have two options.
(1) We can bring the container to you and you load it up. We’ll pick it up and bring it back to our site.
(2) You can come in and load the container onsite and you won’t have to pay transportation fees.
• Do you modify containers for living in? (Roller doors, windows)
We can complete a variety of modifications including:
• Roller doors
• Extra doors
• Turbine vents (rental)
• Flanges (dowl in container walls)
• Custom sizes
• Windows
However, some modifications may only be available for purchase orders only.

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