20′ Conteneur d’expédition high cube

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The 20′ high cube shipping container is the tallest rental unit available in our inventory. It is 1′ taller than standard shipping containers and is easily accessible from double lockable doors at one end.

Designed and built for secure, extra-large storage and mobility, the weatherproof 20ft Cubic Shipping Container is a popular choice for commercial, industrial and rural materials. Tailor the 20ft tall shipping container to meet your requirements with our custom build options.

Frequently asked questions
• What is the difference between a storage container, a shipping container, a Conex box?
When you start looking for metal containers for storage or other applications, you find many names that seem interchangeable. Do they all mean the same thing? Yes and no. Yes, these names refer to metal boxes that store a lot of stuff. And no, not all metal storage containers are the same. There are many names for multi-purpose storage metal containers such as cargo containers, cargo containers, ISO containers, shipping containers, and shipping canisters. But the main terms are shipping containers, storage containers, Conex box.
• How long can I rent a storage container?
Rental periods are flexible. We are happy to find an offer that meets your needs.
• What do shipping costs include?
One-time flat fee for container delivery and pickup. Once paid, you only pay our competitive monthly rates. For more information, contact us.
• How is the storage container delivered?
We deliver in a medium duty tow truck and load the container onto the flatbed trailer. The driver will back into the area, raise their trailer about 15 feet into the air, then the container will slide off the back of the trailer onto the ground as the driver pulls straight out. 20ft Shipping Container forRent or Sale Near Me

• Can we store the container on Storagecontainer.com? (San Diego only)
Yes, you can store on site. You have two options.
(1) We can bring the container to you and load it for you. We pick it up and bring it back to our site.
(2) You can come and load the container on the spot and you will not have to pay any transport costs.
• Do you modify containers to live in? (Rolling doors, windows)
We can do a variety of modifications including:
• Rolling doors
• Additional doors
• Turbine vents (rental)
• Flanges (pegs in container walls)
• Custom sizes
• Windows
However, some changes may only be available for purchase orders. 20ft containers are containers


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